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Wildflower Honey-The Story Behind the Collection

My favorite place to be is outside. I love to look at all of the different plants and wildlife, curiosity is constantly grabbing my attention when I am exploring. Nature has a way of engaging all of the senses and provides peace when we need to take a break from the business of modern day life. The freshness when you breathe, the feel of wind on your face, the warmth of the sun on the first days of spring. Listening to the bees buzz and the wind rustle through the trees, and the sound the ground makes as you walk over it. These are all things I wanted to capture in this collection. I pulled colors from nature and ran with it. Wildflower Honey is a truly special collection to me and I learned so much through it. I hope you find this collection brings you joy and meaning as it does me. Here are some photos from the inspiration phase and also where some of the colors came from :)

Hayley Ann

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