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The Story Behind the Botanical Journal Collection 🧡

Inspired be the raw beauty of nature, even the smallest of plants, I love to capture the little details that can often be missed. "Botanical Journal" has carried many formats in my business and it is my passion project. It has really stuck out to me as an all encompassing title for the things I love; botany, nature, creating, herbalism. I have always put a lot of weight into names but they've never felt quite as right as this one. In this first Botanical Journal collection, every single element of every single pattern was created from real plant material and I am so thrilled about that! A lot of the elements were pressed, then scanned in and digitized, and a few were actual photographs that I have taken and digitized. I wanted to take it another step further; the colors. All of the color palettes were created from photographs I have taken of nature! How great is that? It was an absolute blast, and at some times a challenge, bringing this collection to life. I have lot's of big plans for this passion project of mine, and I'll keep slowly chipping away at it while I continue enjoying the beauty that surrounds us. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this collection, what is your favorite pattern? Mine has got to be the Fluffy Ferns 😍 As you browse through the shop, let me know what other products you would love to see these patterns on and I will see if I can make it happen!

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