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✂️ It can be so easy to get caught up in a digital world and overwhelm quickly sets in. With this collection planner, you can step away and put your ideas to paper without all of the distractions.

🧠Featuring a brain dump page to collect your thoughts, a page for writing down your collection inspiration and story, a spot to play with pattern layouts, motif sketches and color ideas!

You can fit 20 collection plans into this book and have them all in one place to look back on. This is a must have for designers as it keeps your process moving and is also a great way to store your past work to look back on.

● Room for 20 collections
● 5 pages per collection
● Strategically laid out pages to guide your process and keep you moving forward
● A "how to" page to give you some ideas for getting the most out of this planner
● 205 Pages total
● 8.5 in wide by 6 in tall

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