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Pocketful of Patterns is a coloring book designed to be soothing. The book gives you the the ability to take ownership of the pattern, applying your color preferences in a way only you can do. The artist focused on floral patterns to combine the relaxing affect of coloring with the peacefulness of nature. 

Feeling nervous or anxious can often strike at the most inconvenient times, but with Pocketful of Patterns you can take a quick 5 minutes to regain your peace and feel empowered again. Our brains love patterns, and coloring brings a sense of peace. This is the perfect combo to help you feel relaxed, grounded, and refreshed. The compact 6 by 6 inch size is perfect to use with your favorite dry medium for on the go or keeping at your desk.

Features include:
● 30 Single sided unique pattern coloring pages
● 30 Empowering Affirmations
● Works best with your favorite dry mediums
● Compact 6 by 6 inch design
● Patterns to promote relaxation
● Single sided pages
● Floral patterns
● Geometric patterns
● Mindfulness Coloring

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